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Until the curent outbreak of Covid-19 virus has stabilised and the infection risk decreased to controllable levels, we will not be hosting any Events or regular Meetings with effect from 14/03/2020. The Group will continue to operate and Members will be advised when we will restart the social calendar. Further information from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Below you will find links to various documents published by the Group:  


To view a copy of our current Constitution please click here - Constitution

To view a copy of our Equal Opportunities policy please click here - Equal Opportunity Policy

To view a copy of our Vulnerable Adults policy please click here - Vulnerable Adults Policy

To view a copy of our Code of Conduct policy please click here - Code of Conduct Policy

To view the minutes of our past Annual General Meetings contact Madam Secretary

The Annual Accounts for the group are available at all times for inspection by any member of the group.  Please ask either the Chair or the Treasurer.

Any current member is entitled to have an item raised on the Agenda for a forthcoming Committee meeting. Please see Madam Secretary for details.


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