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Until the curent outbreak of Covid-19 virus has stabilised and the infection risk decreased to controllable levels, we will not be hosting any Events or regular Meetings with effect from 14/03/2020. The Group will continue to operate and Members will be advised when we will restart the social calendar. Further information from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Equal Opportunities Policy


Equality is not about sameness… it is about diversity.  True equality can only be achieved by recognising and valuing the diversity in each individual.

Equal Opportunity means ensuring that all barriers to participation within society are removed so that everyone can take their place on an equal basis. 

An equal society protects and promotes equal, real freedom & substantive opportunity to live in the ways people value and would choose, so that everyone can flourish, be themselves and be different if they wish.

North West London Lesbian & Gay Group’s Commitment

Equality of opportunity is fundamental to the ethos of NWLLGG and this is enshrined in its constitution.  At the very beginning of its constitution is the following sentence:

“The Group is opposed to discrimination.”

On the face of it this may appear a very simplistic approach to a complex subject.  On the contrary, NWLLGG believes in the strongest possible terms, that this straightforward statement is the most powerful way it can express its belief that all forms of discrimination based on human characteristics is wrong.

NWLLGG is aware that certain groups within our society are discriminated against more than others.  In particular therefore, the Group is opposed to discrimination (including offensive language or behaviour) towards any member on the grounds of: religion, ethnic group, sex, age, physical or other disability, HIV status or sexuality.

NWLLGG strives to ensure that all of its activities and events are fully inclusive and will take all steps to ensure this is the case.

NWLLGG adopts a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy towards discriminatory and bigoted behaviour.  Any member found to be behaving in a discriminatory way or having such a complaint made against them, may after suitable investigation, be deemed as having acted contrary to the objects of the constitution and therefore have their membership revoked.


The people responsible for this policy:
Chair:  SteveV
Secretary:  RogerC


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