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Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy


The term vulnerable adult refers to people of 18 and over 'who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation'.

Abuse can include:

●  verbal
●  physical
●  financial/material
●  sexual
●  psychological
●  discriminatory
●  emotional abuse
●  neglect . 

Abuse can take place in any setting and can be perpetrated by anybody. Adult protection concerns the violation of an individual’s Human and Civil Rights by another person or persons.

North West London Lesbian & Gay Group’s Commitment

NWLLGG is committed to ensuring that any vulnerable people who may attend its meetings and/or events are not exploited or abused and that the group operates in such a way that such potential risks are minimised. NWLLGG does not provide counselling or ‘care services’ and respects the fact that all of its members are independent adults.

NWLLGG have no paid staff – all members are volunteers.  Whilst members are not expected to diagnose abuse or ‘treat’ the consequences of any perceived abuse, as socially aware members of our community and as committed members of our group we do however have a responsibility to be aware and alert to the signs that all is not well with a vulnerable adult who attends our meetings.

If a vulnerable person is suspected of being at risk of, or the subject of abuse in some way, any member should discuss this suspicion with the Chair / Secretary of the Group who will take the issue further if necessary. This may include a discussion with the individual involved and/or signposting to professional organisations such as Social Services, GPs, Police and other external agencies.

If any member of NWLLGG is found to be treating another member of the group in such a way as to take advantage of that persons perceived vulnerability, then subsequent to an investigation by the Chair of the group, they may have their membership terminated and, if appropriate, may have details of the incident reported to external authorities. 

The people responsible for this policy:

Chair  SteveV
Secretary  RogerC


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