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The association shall be called North West London Lesbian and Gay Group, abbreviated to NWLLGG and hereinafter called the Group.

The objects of the Group shall be to provide for social meetings and activities for members, to promote the welfare of all gay men, lesbians and bisexuals in Northwest London and surrounding areas and to undertake any activities in pursuance of these objects. The Group is opposed to discrimination.  In particular the Group is opposed to discrimination (including offensive language or behaviour) towards any member on the grounds of: religion, ethnic group, sex, age, physical or other disability, HIV status or sexuality.  The activities of the Group will endeavour to reflect this policy.


 Membership shall consist only of individuals who agree with the objects of the Group. Members shall be required to pay an annual subscription that will be valid for twelve months. The amount of the annual subscription shall be determined by the AGM for the following year. Meetings shall be open to everyone, but only paid up members shall have the right to vote and are thus hereinafter referred to as voting members. Members will be entitled to free entry, whereas a fee shall be charged to non-members. A member can be suspended if, in the opinion of the Committee, his or her behaviour is prejudicial to the objects of the Group. Expulsion or reinstatement will be decided at a Special Meeting or AGM, where the member can put his or her case.

 The Group may form Sections with special interests, e.g. Women, Sports, Youth, to meet independently as required but with no separate membership or committee.  The Group may affiliate to other independent Groups supporting the aims of NWLLGG at the discretion of the Committee.

 Officers of the Group shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, their term to run to the following AGM. Replacements and additional members may be co-opted by the Committee, their terms also to run to the next AGM.

 Officers shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and such other officers as shall be determined at the AGM, up to a total of ten officers. The Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Health Information Officer and Press and Publicity Officer, are required to have been members of NWLLGG for a minimum of twelve months. Remaining officers are required to have been members of NWLLGG for a minimum of six months. Nominees who agree to be candidates should each be proposed and seconded by voting members. No member may nominate more than two candidates. In contested elections, the person receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected. The officers’ duties shall be determined in general terms at the AGM and prior to the election of the officers.


 The Committee shall be formed of all the officers. It shall have powers to run the day to day affairs of the Group, to borrow money on behalf of the Group and to make decisions in the light of the Constitution in particular instances, until such time as any interpretation is upheld or changed by a motion at a Special or Annual General Meeting. Any matter decided by a Committee Meeting shall be valid if decided by a simple majority, with at least half the Committee members being present.  Committee members are liable for replacement if they are absent from two or more Committee meetings without adequate explanation. The Secretary shall maintain an accurate record of decisions taken at the Annual General Meetings, Special Meetings and Committee Meetings, to be available for perusal on request of any member. The Membership Secretary must not reveal to any person or agency other than Committee members, any information concerning any person whom he has a record via membership, other than with that person’s express permission. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of financial transactions, and shall present an itemised balance sheet at the AGM.


 There shall be an Annual General meeting of the Group held in April. At least thirteen days prior notice must be given in a meeting or meetings of the Group beforehand, or by the notification of all members whose addresses are held by the Membership Secretary. The quorum of voting members shall be ten. Decisions on single issues shall be determined by simple majority, the Chairperson or acting Chairperson having the casting vote. On other issues, or when a written ballot has been decided beforehand, the greatest number of votes cast shall decide the issue. Postal votes shall be permitted at the discretion of the Committee, but not proxy votes. Motions to amend this Constitution or to dissolve the Group requires a two-thirds majority of votes cast to be valid. If a quorum for a dissolution motion cannot be assembled, a majority of votes of all contactable members will suffice. Special Meetings may be called by the Committee or on the written request of at least five members giving grounds for the meeting. Decisions taken shall be valid only if prior notice of the meeting, attendance and voting procedures are the same as for the AGM. Ordinary meetings shall be held at such intervals and at such notice as may be determined from time to time. Members may invite guests and visitors may attend unless restrictions are specified in advance by agreement of the Committee, including any admission charges for NWLLGG sponsored events or meetings.


 An account shall be opened with a Financial Institution acceptable to the Committee. Cheques or other debits on the account are valid only if signed by any two of the Treasurer, Chairperson,  Secretary or other Officers as agreed by the Committee and registered with the Financial Institution. Should the Group dissolve in its entirety, all moneys remaining in balance shall be disposed of as the members see fit. The financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.


 This Constitution, or amendments thereto shall be adopted at a Special Meeting of the Group. Existing members shall remain as NWLLGG members if already recorded, unless they wish to withdraw. The officers shall be confirmed in office or replaced, but no new offices shall be created at the meeting. The Constitution when adopted shall be sent to the chosen Bank and copies shall be available to members and prospective members on request. Clauses may be further amended at subsequent Special General Meetings as and when objections are received.

Updates to Constitution in last 12 months:

• Clause 6 - as per AGM resolution, Financial year dates changed to run March – April.
• Clause 7 - as per AGM resolution, AGM dates changed to April each year.
• June 2013 - Revision to update logo / address etc.


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